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Positive Wellbeing Following Redundancy

Written by Super User

It's recognised that being made redundant is likely to be in the top ten most stressful events that can happen throughout your life. However it can also be seen as an opportunity for change, a chance to re-evaluate what is important to you. Being a statistic doesn’t help. This is real for you right now.

The most important element to being made redundant is that you preserve your self confidence, however hard that might feel. The situation you are in now is not your fault. Remember that. This was not within your control. Your friends and family are likely to be able help you stay positive. They know your strengths and value you whether you are at work or not. Human dignity is not defined solely by our ability to work and be employed, but it is a big part of life. But that’s hard to do when you are experiencing all kinds of emotions: shock, grief, loss. If you have been in your job for a significant time, then it is natural to struggle when that job is taken away from you, especially when this wasn’t your choice.

In situations like ours here in Teesside, the closure of our core industries is devastating. Devastating to those who worked there, the supply businesses affected, contractors laid off, and thousands of families across our community. This continuing situation doesn’t help in staying positive.

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